Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lane Defence

Are you bored of all the cloned tower defence games out there? Introducing, Lane Defence!

A unique tower defence game in the style of the old Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars map; you work to build a maze of towers which will stop the 40 waves of enemies from reaching the bottom of the lane!

This is how a tower defence is meant to play; No longer will enemies walk through each other like ghosts or conform to a set path, you are in control.

Create choke points to take full advantage of your splash towers, or encircle the high damage towers to get optimum attack time; the smarter your maze is, the easier the game will become.

You will be defending your lane against 5 types of enemy:

Normal - Nothing special.
Fast - Moves much faster than his friends.
Immune - Will not be slowed by any tower.
Air - Laughs at your mazes as he soars over them.
Boss - Lonesome, but very tough to kill.

To aid you, you will choose two unique 'speciality' towers from:

Ice - Slow's enemies.
Fire - Fast with average damage.
Tech - Very slow, but awesome against bosses.
Earth - Slow with a large splash damage.
Lightning - The bane of air enemies

Each have their strengths, but which combination will work best for you? Can you achieve the ultimate goal and beat the game using all of the combos? You can track your progress with the built in medal system!

Perfection must be achieved!

Download the demo (free) from:

Google Play:
Amazon Market:

Download the full version ($0.99):

Google Play:
Amazon Market:


  1. Will you ever make a tutorial ?

  2. What tutorial would you like to see? :)

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  4. How you made the home screen with newGame option and so on can you make tutorial ?

  5. Unfortunately I am in the middle of my dissertation and so can't really write any new tutorials at the moment. However the menu system you can see in my game is based off of

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  7. Hi first off al great tutorials but how can I implement that a virtual line goes across each tile from the starting point to end point thanks :D