Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tutorial 2: Sprites

Ok, so I said that next time we would me creating a level editor, I lied. I have decided to leave creating the level editor to the end. This way we won’t have to keep adding to it all the way through. Instead we are going to create a sprite class. This will be our base class for our enemies, towers etc. It’s going to hold the basic data about our sprites e.g. there texture, position and so on.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Tutorial 1: Levels

Ok, so the first part of our tower defence that we are going to make is a simple terrain class. Please note that most of this code is going to be from Nick Gravelyn’s Tile Engine Series. I’m assuming you know how to create a new project so I’ll skip that bit.

Ok, so to start off with create a new class called “Level.cs”. This is going to be what holds all the information about our level (which textures go where basically).