Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WANTED : More Tutorials?

Hi guys,

It has been a while since I wrote any tutorials, mainly due to lack of time, but partly due to lack of inspiration... hopefully you can help me out here!

What tutorials would you like to see written? (just to get it clear now, I am NOT writing a series on how to make an FPS, an RTS, an RPG etc... a whole book would most likely be too small for this... ;) )


  1. Hello FireFly!

    I would really like to see a tutorial on how to make an platformer, since there does not seem to be any good tutorials for that. Atleast not any that acctualy explains what is done and why and so on. I would atleast try it out!

  2. I would like to see a tutorial about how to put the different parts into different dlls. So i could write a tileengine.dll, pathfinding.dll, sound.dll or input.dll and reuse it easily in other projects. I dont know if this is best practise... but a simple tutorial with maybe input or sound would be nice. (tileengine is to big ;-) )

    Or a tutorial about localisation, so i can translate my game?

  3. I want more :D and an RPG would be nice or maybe something 3D

  4. Hi,

    first of all, thanks a lot for this nice tutorial.

    About more tutorials: what about "how to upgrade towers?".
    And a "mouse menu": if you click on an empty field to place a tower, a (circle) menu shows up around your mouse, to choose between different towers etc.

  5. Hmm, a tutorial on how to make randomized terrain generation (2D and/or 3D), would be a huge thing. I've been searching for such a thing for ages and the only thing close to it is some half finished 3D tutorials that doesn't make much sense honestly.. Other then this, i agree with the top comment. A platformer wouldn't go amiss either.

    But in my personal opinion, i would love a random terrain generation tut :)


  6. Hi,
    I want to know how to create high score.
    change the stage(change map and have multiple start point) when it at the end of the Wave.

    thank you :)

  7. Please make a tutorial for a 2d sidescrolling shooter, a la Contra!

  8. Ive been making my own Tower Defence game, and i wanted to say thank you, reading your work has helped me improve my own code. i used my own tilemap engine(always have layer issues with nicks) and your code was easy to get working with my own. Somethings i added that werent in your tutorial that maybe other people might want is: animated towers, i have staticly placed towers(not rotating i mean) that are animated sprites, improved GUI to include a scrolling bar that shows whats coming in the next wave, a title screen, a game over screen, level selector, really anything to do with gamestate might be a good idea. thats just off the to of my head, thanks for everything.

  9. Hi,
    I would like to see a tutorial for a 2d platformer/sidescroller game with support for sloped tiles. It's hard to find any good tutorials about sloped tiles.

    thanks for the tutorials

  10. No, just a simple collision detection/response.

  11. Hi, this tutorial is so great, hope you will do more... thanks

  12. A simple level editor. User input placement and everything have physical properties as well as a focusing camera that will follow your movement giving a bigger world.

  13. Bluetooth connectiom between two devices for games with xna. Or simple tutorials like accelerator and xna, landscape with other scene as "highscape". Or data trasmission from device to other things maybe arduino?

  14. game menu tutorial

  15. Mayby an endless runner tutorial please?. The TD series was awesome!, thanks!

  16. Hi! Your TD tutorial was just great!
    I have a little question.
    I managed to draw the game field(map) in the center of the screen (1024, 768, upper left corner of the map with coordinates x=256, y=128 and textures 64x64).
    But I can't make the towers & enemies see the new coordinates and not 0,0 :(
    Can You please tell How to place towers properly considering the new field coordinates?

  17. A top down zombie shooter would be awesome!

    Thanks for the amazing TD tutorial :)

  18. Ive been wanting to learn how to make a building game like x-crossing, tiki towers, spaghetti marshmallow etc. Mainly the drag and drop and make the pieces snap into place and some (if possible) really basic gravity without the need for farseer and the likes. Would be cool to know the basics.

  19. Hi, I havent completed your tutorials yet and it is great so far.
    I have a few suggestions for future tutorials ( i dont think you have them yet).
    - a splash tower that shoots a different type of bullet
    - a poison tower and the monsters will get a green glow
    - animated monsters
    - different monsters in a wave
    - ability to change the ratefire of towers
    - extra information when you click/hover a tower ( rangecircle on the map, damage, range and rate)
    - upgrading towers
    - a map with more than 1 startpoint
    - traps like spikes you can place on the path
    - a button to restart, pause the game
    - at the end of the map a castle/base that monster try to destroy instead of lives. the monsters will have a damage field.
    - a startingmenu where you can choose different maps
    - a level editor

    these are some things i will try to implement when i finished your tutorials but i dont think i will succeed in all of them so any turorial would be great.

  20. Hi, FireFly! If you stil visit this blog, please explain how can we move map and creeps from top-left corner to the center of the screen in your Tower Defence game? It's very important for me. Thank you!

  21. Great Tutorials Firefly, wondering if you can make something about Hidden Object games. I'm trying to do one but can't find any tutorials that can help me. Thanks

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  24. want a know how can a RPG GUI be drawed in the game,like item menu,etc.....